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Keynote Speaker
Chad Williams
Former U.S. Navy SEAL, author of SEAL of God, and Keynote Speaker

About Chad

Serving his country proudly through multiple deployments on SEAL Teams One and Seven, Chad Williams continued to hone the technical skills, tactical proficiency and attention to detail that our nation's best warriors adhere to. Today Chad is a bestselling author of his book, SEAL of God, a frequent guest on major news networks, and in-demand keynote speaker.


Drawing from his experiences as a Navy SEAL, Chad communicates the contagious SEAL Team mindset steeped in servant leadership, teamwork, mental toughness and overcoming adversity.

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Topic - Forged by Adversity

On a final operation in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq, with the objective of capturing a deadly suicide-bomb manufacturer, Chad Williams and his fellow members of SEAL Team 7 found themselves being set-up on a premeditated ambush. In this worst of circumstances, steeled in their resolve, the Team called upon every ounce of training that had been instilled in their DNA.


Prepare to hear the first-hand account of how members of SEAL Team 7 overcame their greatest obstacle through a mindset and determination to be FORGED BY ADVERSITY!


Whether it is on the battlefield of Iraq or business in an ever-evolving environment, the FORGED BY ADVERSITY mindset triumphs across all modalities.

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